CannSeal nominated for Intervention Technology Award 2016

Houston, TX, March 22nd 2016

The Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association, ICoTA announced that CannSeal (HQ Stavanger, Norway) was nominated as one out of four companies for the prestigious Annual Intervention Technology Award for its annular plug concept.
The other contestants were Schlumberger (Real Time Flow Measurement), Cormorant (Gas Well Dewatering Pump system) and E Plug (TorcPlug) – also a Stavanger based company. The criteria to be nominated as finalist states the following: “ICoTA International’s Annual Intervention Technology Award recognizes outstanding technical innovation or application of technology for well intervention. The application of the new intervention technology or technique should demonstrate; reduced risk, increased production, improved safety or minimized environmental impact. ”

CannSeal’s innovative solution is capable of providing a pin point isolation of the annulus, to effectively reduce unwanted water flow.

The previous technology award winners for the last 5 years are Tenaris (2015), Welltec (2014 and 2013) and Schlumberger (2012 and 2011).

Prior to the judge election, Mr Gunnarsson, solution advisor and head of R&D, had explained the ICoTA Board of Directors how CannSeal technology distinguish itself from existing technology, and emphasized the added value to the clients assets. CannSeal also participated on the two days conference, presenting the technology to important players in the oil community.

The CannSeal e-line tool conveys the premixed epoxy sealant to the target area. In a single run, the tool operator perforates through the tubing, and injects the high viscous sealant material into the annulus forming an epoxy donut, capable of zonal isolation. The proprietary epoxy sealant is unique with rheology behavior allowing it to be injected in an open or cased hole annulus with crossflow, or even to be injected into gravel pack completions. It can also be used to squeeze epoxy into a cement micro annuls. Solidification of the epoxy is stimulated by the well temperature. and is premixed at onshore location.

The Stavanger-based company E Plug was finally awarded the trophy for their TorcPlug. Congratulations!

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