The CannSeal Technology

The CannSeal™ technology is developed specifically for annular isolation. The tool is run on standard electrical mono-conductor cable or electrical coil and transported to predefined area n the well, where we perforate through tubing and inject a tailored sealant into the annulus. This is all done in a single operation controlled and monitored through our customized graphical user interface (GUI) by CannSeal specialists.

The sealant can be designed to any well application in relation to viscosity, rheology and density. The treatment effectively seals off unwanted fluid x-flow behind liners, tubing and screens. It can also be designed to function as a remedial integrity barrier during well production or as a component within a P&A operation.


Annular Zonal Isolation Solutions

Annular Well Integrity Solutions

Cemented liner uncemented liner Sand screens with or without gravel

Mitigating sustained casing pressure in cemented annulus Plug foundation for circulation in a cement column