Successful Field Trial in the North Sea

As of November, 1st, CannSeal can celebrate their first successful Field Trial in the North Sea. On the Danish Continental Shelf, CannSeal did numerous interventions to find the best spots for plug locations. CannSeal finally placed three annular epoxy plugs in the horizontal section of a water injector at approximately 11.000 feet. The well temperature was close to 80°C. The reason for the campaign was to repair a water injector.


-          “I’m very satisfied that we have demonstrated the CannSeal plug technology in a live well, says Gunnulf Rasmussen, CannSeal CEO. The offshore crew have been well prepared, and the internal test procedures have definitely paid off. We have set three plugs in three days without any failures. Including pre-run to determine the best plug locations, the tools faced 160 hours in well, and exercised 60  sequences of operation”.